Parents Counseling

Parents Counseling

Parental counseling is a type of service that aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and most especially support to parents without bias or judgment. This way, they become more fully equipped to take care of their children. Parental counselling offers modalities or therapies that help parents gain a better understanding of their parental style, face and eventually conquer their personal issues, and restore their family, bringing back harmony and peace in the household, with the ultimate motive being the improvement in socio-emotional functioning of the child.

There are two ways on how someone can undergo Parental First, the parent may be referred by their doctor, psychologist, a prominent member of the community or the child’s school. Second, the parent personally may seek professional help. Either way, a parent counselor meets the parent at the appointed time. He/she conducts a thorough interview to identify the main issue, gain a better understanding of the problem, and assess the current behavior and state of the parent in order to provide maximum benefit. It is a multi-fold approach and multi-step process. Results cannot be expected immediately, although some parents respond to the programs within a few days or weeks.

Parents counseling is defined as a program in our Nishtha Special School which parents actively acquire parenting skills which aims to change parenting behaviors, learn child development, behaviour modification techniques, therapeutic and educational support for improving pre-school and school-age children’s behavior problems (such as aggression, hyperactivity, temper tantrums, and difficulty following directions). It  incorporates collaboration with the therapist/ teacher to track behavior in school and link it to the reward program at home

Now there can be some questions in your mind about our counseling program!!

Why do we train the parents?

As a parent, they spend the most time with their child. Once parents are trained to teach social communication skills to their child, they can work with him or her throughout the day in various settings. Teaching them to implement intervention strategies at home is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

What is the main purpose of this Counseling ?

The  main purpose is to focus on using social and communication techniques in daily routines. This will help the child to maintain skills he or she has learned. The training can positively influence the child’s development while reducing stress levels and behavior problems (such as aggression, hyperactivity, temper tantrums, and difficulty following directions).

Why choose Nishtha Special School ?

Nishtha Special School has two main objectives:

  • To teach parents some techniques that will enhance your child’s social engagement, language,play and imitation skills.
  • To help parents to develop appropriate goals for your child based on a combination of developmental milestones, family interests and therapy recommendations. You will learn to monitor your child’s progress over time.